Web Marketing

– Information about competition sites and their on-line strategies is a very useful asset for defining the correct market position of your site. In this regard, Ormag can analyze existing sites on the same sector and thus provide a qualitative reports that not only displays the basic features of such sites, but especially that draws a critical assessment of their peculiarities. The evaluation of this service may vary depending on the market segment to be analyzed.

Graphic design and design are fundamental services to give the Web Site a high professional content. It is of primary importance that graphics are captivating, aggressive but at the same time easy to download to avoid long waiting times. With the “Graphic Design”, you can benefit from the following exclusive services: Drafting the Technical Project of the Web Site on paper developed after a careful analysis of the business needs in order to create a custom site either structurally or graphically ie creating icons or custom graphics, scanning and graphic processing of the material provided by the customer; multimedia effects such as animated gifs, illuminated buttons (interactive technologies like roll over and image swap), flash animations.